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Role Playing Story


To any Fans of Battlestar Galactica,both new and old! I don't care as I would like to invite anyone who wishes to be part of the role playing story group on yahoo? The Idea is that you will be a member of the crew of  the battlestar Olympus and be part of a story I am writting on Fanfiction,once you read the story at  and you wish to be a part of this Idea than go to and join the group.

Once we have worked out what part of the ship you want to be a part of ,then you can fill in the places I have left open on the story from the eyes of that crew member. It can be in a form of a diary or report,there will even be a forum on the web site for members to chat,so far the group is only on yahoo but I can put it on myspace or face book if you wish

This is purly my idea and is not part of the CDF or startrek groups I'am a member of. I gave all these friends and fans a chance to be a member of the group but only one has choose to join. I don't care how good you are or how bad,but what I will not stand for is telling somebody they suck. All I want is a story not a novel or book,it is for fun

this is a fan fiction role playing story,written by non PROFESSIONAL writers of a battlestar galactica fan club. The club is called battlestar Olympus rpg,this story takes place in the universe of the 78 galactica series! 

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