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Battlestar Olympus

This post is in responce of many Questions i recieved about the Battlestar Olympus Club

I have two clubs with the title Battlestar Olympus name,one is my role playing story and the other is the Australia chapter of the CDF fan club.

The RPG site is a site for those who like stories and playing small Games in the forum and it is mostly sepperate from the other club,it is completely for my Fanfiction story that I have wrote for and I turn it into RPG just for fun.

The next club that started in yahoo(and is the main site) and is now in facebook,myspace and now in livejournal. Is a fan base Club for all things battlestar galactica and is the Australian Chapter of the CDF(colonial defense force)base in America,The CDF has fleets(clubs) all over the world and the Australian chapter is called 9th fleet. It has only one battlestar at the moment and I'am it's Commander(owner),I'am looking for new members to get the club more active and I need more People who are fans to join! We have had a lot of people leave and move and have for gotten or did not want to re-register.

The climate of the world at the moment has change a lot of members situation so I am on a recrutment drive,if you are a fan and wants to be an active member! you will find the site here bsg-olympus,the live journal group site and the main web site at-
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