colonialnut (colonialnut) wrote in bsg_australia,

fan fiction and RPG group

I have only a yahoo fan fiction group at the moment and you can find it at   it is for any one who likes to write stories of read them,what stories we have is in the files part of the group. I do not want people who thinks they are better writters than others,no one are professional writers or they will be getting money for their work. These are just people who like to tell a story

I have not started a RPG site yet as I need members to start it and no one has asked to join it,but that will be next year if I have members who wish to be a part of it. The rules of the game has to be written and who plays what needs to be sorted out first,I would like to start two RPG's one in the old BSG and one for the new. But like I said that is next year.

To any Australian fan who likes battlestar,the Australian chapter of the CDF needs your help to stay an active part of the club.
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