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part 1

 Well here is the first part


Part 1

Battlestar Olympus log

Earth date 5th of August 4276 AD (star date 2196)

mission date day 17,Commander Stephen Southgate



* This is the log of the Battlestar Olympus which is the new attack class Columbian Military Carrier,her Dimensions are 1414 meters long and 581 meters wide and about 177 meters high. Each flight Pod measure's about 615 meters long by 110 meters wide and 64 meters high


Olympus new Propulsion system was developed over five hundred years ago,the engine is powered by a crystallite reactor that powers the FTL Drive,6 light speed engines and over 40 maneuvering thrusters. The crystallite dilithium compound reactor is a very radioactive and extremely powerfully substance,if ever one of these things overloads! It is believed that it would take out a planet. Since the discovery of the compound,the need for liquid base fuel was not needed


Olympus Weaponry had four forward mega-X type laser guns placed inside the bow of the battlestar and two more were placed in it's tail for a bite any enemy would not expect. The laser were design to rip a ten meter wide and a six meter hole though any metal. Also she had 24 anti-ship laser Gun Turrets and along each landing bay and across the top and bottom of the main body of the ship laid several conventional missile and torpedo tubes numerous smaller point-defense Turrets placed all over the ship, giving the enemy a wall of laser fire that the devil him self would hate to cross . Also there were several nuclear warheads inside armorery.


The fighter aircraft of the Olympus were the most advance fighter in star fleet. The main fighter was 80 of the F 1905 or the X87 MKVII Vipers,equip with FTL drives,cloak and stealth systems. Then there were the MKII Vipers,they were just as Quick as the MKVII but with out the FTL drives. The newer fighters to be assigned to the Olympus was five Stealth Infiltrators fighters,it was two of these fighters that is at the moment tracking these pirates.


The Battlestar Olympus had to cut short it's Operational trails at the request from the colonial and earth governments,orders came in for the Olympus to take care of this Pirate that was operating in the moons of Gememon. Earth wanted to capture him alive while orders from Gememon wanted him dead,I must confessed that these orders from gememon were confusing as I will refuse to kill any one unless it was to protect this ship and crew. I have to get to this man and try to keep him alive to learn the truth as to why.


Unknown to the crew,I have sent in a secret force to capture and obtain this pirate before this the trap has sprang. So far there has been no word from the team and I am beginning to get worried,has the pirate uncovered this plot and killed the team or is the team waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.


I had received some very bad news two days ago and was given a chance to cancel the mission,my father and grandfather was killed in a shuttle accident on the way to the space port orbiting the planet Australia. The report so far was they were still looking for remains at the crash site but not sure if they will find any,until they are sure I will continue on with this mission *


'' Computer End log ''


'' ending ''


The Commander flicked the top button of his shirt uniform and ordered a cup of coffee from the replicator and sat down on the lounge of his room. His ready room was large room with everything he needed,computer keys boards were set in tables of marble. Hologram screens with voice recognition,and in the corner he was playing an old twentieth century movie,something called the terminator so he sat back to finish watching it.


'' Commander '' said the computer


'' yes ''


'' you have a important message from fleet Admiral Davies '' unknown to the Computer,Admiral Davies was a close friend of his Grandfather



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