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Battlestar Olympus part 2

 well here is part 2 of the story,,,,,,,,,,, hey every one thank you for showing me how to do the lj cut,I was so confuse how to do it last time but now you have created a monster       lol

now that I have your attension,some of you might know that the Battlestar Olympus is the Australian chapter of the Colonial defense force that Originated in America. The thing is that I need active members! any members. Join BSG Olympus and give me a club that of the Americans. OK here is the story

part 2

'' TV off '' and the TV turned it self off '' put it though here'' and the computer quickly open a communication link '' admiral ''

'' Commander,it's good to see that the Olympus still active ''

'' yes sir,we have just about iron out all the bugs and she is turning into a fine ship ''

'' that's good because star fleet has officially given her to you '' he said

'' thank you sir,that is the best news I have heard since boarding the ship ''

'' there will be more in the future,so any news from the target ''

'' not yet sir! Just hoping they will take the bait ''he said

'' how much of a fight do you expect ''

'' depends sir on this pirate and what he is going to do '' he said

'' well I hope you well,now to why I called you. I have been ordered to send you your grandfathers and fathers main files immediately ''

'' I see sir! Is there any chance as to finding their bodies yet? ''

'' not yet commander,but I'll keep you informed ''

The commander than hang his head few a few seconds and said '' have the investigators found the course of the accident yet? ''

'' they believe it was a bird strike on the port side engine,but the investigators have very little to find the course,the magistrate will released the information as soon as they find out ''

'' I understand sir ''

'' hope you finish this mission soon commander,your mother needs you ''

'' I understand that sir,I should know something in a few days ''

'' good luck commander and good hunting ''

'' thank you sir,Olympus out!'' and the screen went black.

The stupid shuttle accident had killed his father and grand father,and a bird strike destroyed the port side engine looked like to be the course. News reports from the scene said that the shuttle had made a hole at lest twenty meters in diameter,nothing much was left. The Commander lent back on the lounge and about the time he finished his second cup of coffee,the computer informed him of the arrival of the files

'' thank you Computer,please open the down loaded files '' each page was shown on a hologram screen so all he had to do was to read the first few lines '' next '' he said until a page with his great grandfather name came up ''stop,rewind and play '' the picture of his grand father appeared,

'' Dear grandson,what you what you have just received is TOP SECRET. If you have received them it means that your father and I have mysteriously been killed or died,read them carefully and remember! The future may never be written. I was going to involved you and your new ship in a mission that involves these files,but it looks like fate has take care of that. so READ THEM CAREFULLY and understand ''

This started to intrigue him so he re-opened the first page and began to read the file properly,

These are a transcript of documents that had surface centuries ago,this story has been Transferred to Admiral Davies by star fleet command.

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