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OK those who miss the first part of the story,this is a fan fick and I have split the chapters in many one page parts. This is the answer to those who missed the first,I'am sorry! when I said that the introduction was in the first part what I ment was the disclaimer that I did not own BSG

I hope this answer your Questions



So first the introduction


There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. That they may have been the architects of the great pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis. Some believe that there may yet be brothers and sisters of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens. I don't own Battlestar Galactica nor do I make any of the the good stuff,In the time space of the 78 Galactica,



and the Idea


In the seventh millennium of earth time,way into our future and an old story started to become true. Evidence suggest that the story was kept alive by fans of what was then just a scifi movie.


Let us all sit back a moment!


In 1978, the TV series of battlestar Galactica movie,commander Adama suggest that we were the lost 13th tribe of Kobol! Right?


The show than said that the colonies were in their seventh millennium,if that was the case should not Earth be in it's seventh millennium as well ? Surly the 13th tribe would not have spent an extra two thousand extra years on a dying planet,I recond they would have left not long after the other 12.


Now I could be wrong I don't know,you see from what I know of the Earth,it has only had five thousand years of history. About three thousand years BC and two thousand AD,so this is my train of thought. Sooooo that means we are still two thousand years before the destruction of the colonies! So how the FRAK did we new of the colonies and their fate? Once we found out what was going to happen to the colonies! What are we going to do ?


Back in earth history,the environment had changed to a point were People had to leave the planet for it to repair itself . A meteor strike had convinced many of those who laughed at the Idea,it turn most of the earth into a type of nuclear winter.


For hundreds of years,people were designing and creating star ships on the worlds old Internet fan fiction programs,these people were the nerds and scientist of the computer age that dream of life in space! But could not. So they created fan sites such as star trek, star wars, star gate, wing commander and Battlestar Galactica and others and on these site came these ships. Once the first Star Drive was first conceived by scientist in 2061 and it was not until 2080 when the first Supra light hypro drive was invented. Then in 2083 the Idea of a FTL jump system been also conceived about the time that the first Warp tests were conducted a rebuilt X23Z fighter from the Phoenix.


In 2085,one of our first Protostar's! the new Protostar Valiant was lost near galaxy's edge. 2161 saw the Federation of Planets agreement signed and Earth established it colonies star fleet in 2245


The first true battlestar was conceived from the Earth old web sites and the first one was built in 2250,Battlestar Australia is launched. Ship's such as these began exploring the universe. Small star ship's at first,until the arrival of the Australia. The Australia was a small 1978 version of the Galactian battlestar,it was about five hundred meter's long and mirrored that of our Protostar.


Many new Worlds were discovered as we began to explore deeper into our galaxy,many were uninhabited and were unable to sustain life. Also first contact were made with many new civilizations,some friendly other not.


About the time of 2276,when the earth needed to be regenerated,a large system of thirteen uninhabited livable planets was discovered by Captain James Cook in the old space explorer Endeavor. The system was named the Australasian system after the Captains home country of Australia,it had four Suns and about five huge asteroid belts and countless of moons and asteroids.


The largest of these planets was named Australia,as most of the Endeavor crew had been from Australia as well. It had become the center of the new Earth Colonial Colony of these new worlds. The other twelve planets were called after the signs of the Zodiac yes folks! The Zodiac,it was one of Explorers Idea to name the planet after he had finished reading a old E-book of Battlestar Galactica.


Many hundreds of years later,all things relating to the old TV show was adopted. The time is now 4276AD (earth time)each planet had over 20 million people living on them, With the exception of Caprica and Australia,which had close to 10 billion humans and other beings. The system had became part of the new Federation of planet in 2300.


Afew hundreds years later,the new colonial system began to build star ships for the new federation of Planets and soon became known as the best star ships builders in the known universe. The first War ship design built was the Galactican design war ship and it became the first front line warships of the federation and it served with great honor.


She was far bigger than our first ships we attempt on earth and was named the Enterprize after the TV series of star trek,after our twelfth 78 Galactican design battlestar! We started the newer class of battlestar,the 2003 class Galactican battlestar,along with new design support ships of these warship became very popular with the federation and the Colonial Defense Forces.


Many other classes of ships designs were built at the Australasian shipyards ; many were the star trek class ship and it was the most popular with the inter galactic cruise line Companies. This model was also popular with the newer colonist of the Andromeda sector, these design had made our system a lot of credits. Their were many unpopular Designs from the web site,one was the design from the Stargate TV show,but it served many of the poorer colonies as exploring and freighters Ships.


Now this is the seventh millennium of Earth and it's People were now Colonization the stars,


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